Another level of protection against moisture in a crawlspace home is a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is installed to reduce moisture and gases that enter from evaporation and diffusion through floors, foundations, or poured walls. In Tennessee vapor barriers are very important due to the amount ofrain and humidity present, particularly in the summer. A vapor barrier can also aid in eliminating or minimizing mold, mildew, wood rot, floor failure, odors, and other insects. Reeves Crawlspace Services will do a free evaluation of your crawlspace to see if your home can benefit from a vapor barrier.

A third level of protection against moisture is Encapsulation. It is well documented that encapsulation helps:

When determining what your home's crawlspace might require, remember that Reeves Pest Control Company is licensed and bonded by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and certified by the State of Tennessee to specialize in dealing with crawl space moisture and repair issues. Free inspections are available to all homeowners, so call today to help us protect your home.

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